Whether you want to put on a show stopping extravaganza, promote your latest product launch, or host an awards ceremony to celebrate the best in your industry -  planning a successful event can sometimes be challenging.

Pearl Riverfront is Melbourne’s premier meetings, conference and event venue that offers maximum versatility for all sizes of events. To help you create the most memorable Melbourne event possible, here are our top ten tips for putting on a memorable event in 2022.

1. Event Location

The event venue and its location are two of the most important steps that will lay the foundations for the rest of your event planning. The venue determines the capacity, along with any limitations on styling, decor and theme, while the location determines who, and how many, are likely to attend.

Nine times out of ten, opting for a central location in a major city, such as Melbourne CBD, will help keep attendance high. The easier it is to reach, the happier people will be to show up. If the event venue is situated in a well-known area, then this will work to your advantage too. 

It’s also a good idea to think about post and pre-events too. What’s in the local area that attendees can enjoy during their free time? How easy is it to get around? Are rooms available for those who want to stay a little longer? Obscure and out of the box may work for some. But for most, a central location in a stylish venue is the way to go.

yarra river central location melbourne

2. Event Venue

Pearl Riverfront is Melbourne’s premier events venue, perfect for special occasions, product launches, seminars, trade exhibitions and other events. Located on the banks of the Yarra River, dedicated event spaces for up to 452 attendees provide a stylish backdrop that’s certain to impress.

Studios 1 - 6 can be used individually or as interconnecting spaces perfect for up to 452 guests using banquet style seating, while studios 4 - 6 can host up to 410 guests with theater style seating. For exclusive events that require a more private and intimate space, the Atrium provides the perfect setting for up to 30 guests. 

For something a little more relaxed, Dive Bar and Pow Wow provide spaces perfect for an evening of fun, entertainment and socialising. And those looking to impress, look no further than the private glass cube at Yugo. Encapsulated in the heart of a bustling restaurant and serving up award-winning cuisine, it’s a surefire way to have people talking about your event for years to come.

event venue lobby melbourne

3. Send Out Invites 

As soon as you’ve set a date and location for your event, the next step is to send out those all-important invites. In the past, hand-mailed invites were the most common way to do this. However, over the last decade, email invites and social media pages have taken the lead.

One of the easiest ways to invite guests and give them the option of RSVP-ing is by setting up a Facebook event page. This also makes it super simple to update key speakers, menus, dress codes and any changes that may happen - automatically sending notifications to those in the group.

4. Event Themes

Choosing a theme for your event shouldn’t be too difficult and the very reason for your event should point you in the right direction. 

Once you’ve decided on a theme, everything should fit into it. From key speakers to the menu and entertainment, the theme acts as the glue that brings all of the main event components together. If you’re not 100% sure about how to theme your event, your dedicated events planner at Pearl Riverfront can help you create a memorable one that will fulfill all of your needs.

5. Menu Planning 

Planning the perfect menu for your event can be a challenge in itself. From dietary requirements and ingredient availability to event type and attendee preferences, it can eat away at your event planning time budget, creating more stress than you need. 

Pearl Riverfront has a selection of banquet and cocktail packages that provide a touch of elegance to any event. Indulge in canapes, 2 or 3 course meals, and a variety of beverage packages. Delivering mouthwatering plates of art to your guests, locally-sourced seasonal ingredients are turned into delectable textures and tantalizing flavours that deliver true delight in each bite.

dining experience and menu

6. Event Dress Code 

A dress code is a great way to inject fun, sophistication or style into any event. As an example, if you’re planning a cocktail networking event, then you could add a touch of fun by setting a Golden Age of Hollywood dress code. Black tie affairs are always a popular choice, as is smart-casual.

7. Event Decoration

The venue decor will reinforce the theme of your event. Think table runners, balloons, props and all things creative! The decorations are always one of the key takeaway points guests remember at events.

event decoration lights and table settings

8. Event Transportation 

Depending on the event venue location, transportation should be something to consider. How far are people travelling? Is there on-site parking available? How about public transport? The central location of Pearl Riverfront makes your event accessible for all. 

Located just a short walk from Southern Cross Station and with links to the airport via the SkyBus, guests will find it easy to reach the venue, no matter how they are travelling. 

9. Technology & Equipment 

The last few years have changed the way that many people and businesses do events, with hybrid events becoming a firm favourite. Virtual and hybrid events make it possible for those who would likely miss out to be able to take part.

The specialist team at Pearl Riverfront, in conjunction with Encore Technologies, have perfected the art of the ultimate hybrid event. Connecting people in different cities, states, and even countries!

10. Take Your Time

Sometimes, the best events are those spread out over several days - giving attendees plenty of downtime to enjoy a getaway while taking part in all of the important discussions, dinners and drinks. Consider holding your event on a Friday and Saturday to give guests a chance to explore the city, network and take part at their own pace.

Directly above Pearl Riverfront is Crowne Plaza Melbourne, which has 432 guest rooms, an outdoor pool, onsite dining and stunning city or river views. When hosting an event at Pearl Riverfront, you may be able to get discounted rooms and special offers for guests to avail - giving them all the more reason to attend.

Ready to start planning a stylish and memorable event that will have people talking about it for all of the right reasons? Get in touch and let our experienced team help you bring your vision to life.