Do you need a function room for your next big event in Melbourne? You can cater to every aspect of your event through the choice of the function room you choose. This space controls the dates of your function but also can impact the catering options and the experience you create for your attendees. 

That is where we step in. You don’t have to let the stress of this decision wear you down, here at the Pearl Riverfront through our years of event experience, we assist you in crafting the perfect event through our range of function rooms. Here’s our guide to what you should consider when choosing your function room hire in Melbourne. 

The Location

Finding a location in Melbourne can be overwhelming at times but it is important that you choose a location that is convenient for your audience and suits the tone of your event. 

If you’re looking for a location for a special work event for example, then you should look to impress your guests with a beautiful location with views. On the other hand, if you need a location for a conference or meeting, it is important to choose a venue near transport and hotel options.  

The Space 

When finding the space for your event, it is important to have it fit your vision of your event but also there are some considerations to be made when it comes to the event planning and production. 


The key to determining your event capacity will depend on how you are using the space. Will people be mingling in one area for a presentation and then moving to several meeting rooms for working sessions? Is it a standing event, like a cocktail hour or will people be seated for the entire event? By focusing on comfort and usability of your function room, it will allow your guests to be comfortable whilst at your event. 

The Layout 

A well thought out floor plan is every event planner’s dream and this will ensure that your attendees avoid getting too crowded together. This also depends on the activities of the night and the access to the different amenities. 

The first step in determining if the layout of a venue is right for you is to take a walk through some choices of function rooms in Melbourne. Here’s what you need to take notes about during your walk through: 

  • The flow of traffic through key areas like the bar, entrances and exits, and bathrooms
  • How to set up tables, registration areas, the bar, and eating areas to maximise the space and prevent bottlenecking 
  • Where you position the stage or other amenities for event activities 
  • How your event styling will affect the layout of the venue


The Ambiance 

The styling and atmosphere of a venue can make all the difference to the success of your event. You want to ensure that the venue matches the desired feelings of your event and leaves your guests impressed. 

We work with local event suppliers by adding styling touches such as florals and table styling to elevate your event and ensure it comes to life. The Pearl Riverfront function rooms are designed to convey this kind of elegance and understated charm. This is just part of what makes them the ideal choice for special events in the heart of Melbourne. 


Each function room is going to present different acoustics as factors such as the size, shape and type of the room. A great way to scatter and absorb sounds to create great acoustics is to place soft furnishings like rugs, couches and chairs. Another great aspect is by incorporating live music, you can further elevate the mood of the event and can be a game-changer for your event. 


Planning is key to your event when you are checking who is attending your event and if you will need to plan for any special considerations. Ensuring that your event venue offers accessibility options for people with special needs and requirements is crucial to a seamless event. Pearl Riverfront has been well thought out in this space, offering lift access, automatic wide room frames into all event rooms and accessible bathrooms, ensuring all your guests can be comfortably accommodated.

Services and Amenities 

When it comes to the operational aspects of your event, it is important to consider the services and amenities on offer when looking at function room hire. From arranging the catering, access options and the clean up afterwards, arranging these services will make your night much more enjoyable. 

Here’s just a few of the services and amenities you can expect from some of the top function rooms: 


One of the most memorable parts of an event is the delicious cocktails and canapes and food. Nothing makes an event like delicious, perfectly cooked, seasonal produce or an ice-cold cocktail, so ensure that the catering at your chosen venue is set to wow your guests.

Most catering services will include essential items like linens, glassware, crockery and occasionally table styling. This will save the hassle of sourcing them yourself. 

Set Up and Clean Up

You might think that every venue offers set up and clean up services, but this isn’t always the case. The last thing you’ll want to do, before or after your event, is fuss about the mess and styling, so make sure your venue offers an expert crew to do all this work behind the scenes. 


Technology is an important part of any event as the age of virtual and hybrid events are now. From audio-visual equipment for stage sets and speeches to sound for parties, you will need your venue to supply equipment that works seamlessly with your event plans and needs. Pearl Riverfront work with our AV Partner, Encore Event Technologies to ensure your event runs smoothly and ensure the show goes on. 

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You want your event to be memorable and your venue can influence and elevate it. Whether you’re looking for a space for that big meeting or conference, or for a party, you need a function room that will make the experience as trouble-free and memorable as possible. 

For the ultimate mix of convenience, style, and a stunning sprawling riverfront location, you can’t go past Pearl Riverfront. With a variety of function rooms available to suit every event style, it’s the easy and elegant way to hold a memorable event in Melbourne. 

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•You should consider the location, space, layout, ambiance, acoustics, accessibility, services and amenities when choosing your function room hire in Melbourne.
• Pearl Riverfront offers a convenient location with elegant function rooms to suit every event style.
• Services and amenities include catering (with linens, glassware and crockery), set up and clean up crew behind the scenes, technology including audio-visual equipment for stage sets and speeches as well as sound for parties.